Board Members for 2018 - 2019

Dean - Brenda Weiser

Co-Sub Deans - John Widmann and Ann Bartlow

Secretary - Debra Kijak-Hess

Treasurer- Gerald Piercey

Hospitality and Newsletter - Carl Schwartz

At-Large Members - MaryAnn Willow, Anne Timpane, Clarice Snyder, Michael Hart



Dean's Letter

Message from the Dean

Dear Potomac AGO Chapter Members, Friends, and Observers,

Welcome one and all who are visiting our website either for the first time or as a welcomed returning searcher.  

I am honored to serve as Dean of the Potomac Chapter and to work with a collegial board to bring programming and events to you that enrich our experiences as musicians in the church and that provide outreach to the community at large.  

When I served as SubDean for the last two years, I was delighted to enable and encourage the collegial interaction between the three chapters—District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and Potomac (ours).  I have watched relationships continue to grow. I have participated in coordinating the events that bring us all together—we all benefit as we can draw from a wide breadth of knowledge and experience. Of course, we at Potomac sponsor our own events as well.

As we move forward, we continue to engage events and programs that appeal to a wide variety of people and interests.  Please keep in touch with this website for updates on events as they come along.

If you are a member of Potomac—great!  If you are not and you wish to join, please go to the pull-down for membership and join us!  We would welcome you to our chapter gladly!

The Potomac board is a dedicated board that works diligently throughout the year.  The members have a wide variety of experiences, all the way from the newer organist to the organist with many years of experience.

I, personally, have really enjoyed the collegiality and congeniality that I have experienced since joining the Potomac Chapter and I would hope that your experience would be the same if you joined.  

I would be delighted to meet you at an event.  Please make sure to introduce yourself and perhaps share some of your thoughts with me.  


Brenda J. Weiser, Dean

American Guild of organists

  • The purposes of the American Guild of Organists are:

  • To advance the cause of organ and choral music, to increase their contributions to aesthetic and religious experiences, and to promote their understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment.

  • To improve the proficiency of organists and choral conductors.

  • To evaluate, by examination, attainments in organ playing, choral techniques, conducting, and the theory and general knowledge of music, and to grant certificates to those who pass such examinations at specified levels of attainment.

  • To provide members with opportunities to meet for discussion of professional topics, and to pursue such other activities as contribute to the fulfillment of the purposes of the Guild.