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Potomac Organ Institute:

Teachers: The Potomac Chapter makes no claim or representation regarding the skills or qualifications of any of the listed individuals. Determination of same is the responsibility of the party engaging their services.

Karen K. Bartman 202-213-6895

Piano & organ kbartman@starpower.net

Carolyn Booth 301-963-1353

Piano, organ, theory & history CLBmuscmkr@aol.com

Jane Bowie 410-859-0020

General Music jbowie7@verizon.net 

Carol Dennis 301-216-5057

Piano & organ JeroDeni@comcast.net

Jeffrey J. Doenges 301-571-1711

Piano & organ jjdoenges@aol.com

Emily Koons cell - 301-788-0337 home - 410-346-7161

Piano emilykkoons@gmail.com

Kenneth Lowenberg 301-299-8765

Organ, theory & composition kenlowenberg@verizon.net

Serena Moore 301-499-8818


Linda J. Pannebaker 301-572-7274

Piano lpannebaker@gmail.com

Jeffrey Pannebaker 301-572-7274

Organ & theory jpannebaker@gmail.com

Peter John Patente 301-499-6394

Organ & Piano

Elizabeth D. Schneider 301-408-3839

Piano, cello & music theory dscmusicstudio@gmail.com

Clarice Jane Snyder 240-417-5873

Piano & organ musicjs1@gmail.com

Kitty Yang 301-717-4120

Organ kittychitiyang@jhu.edu